The terms and conditions presented in this document regulate the access and use of the Web www.almadecreta.com whose owners are Roussos Nikoloudakis and Aliki Panagakou, with VAT number 800944260.

The registered office is located at Bouniali Street, 12, 73134, Chaniá (Crete), in Greece. The license number under which this company operates is 1042Ε60000259801 given by the Ministry of economy, development and tourism of Greece. The email is info@almadecreta.com.

The agency is known under the trademark of ALMA DE CRETA. The following belong to ALMA DE CRETA: the context rights of www.almadecreta.com; the graphic design; photographs, videos, information, comments, demonstrations, etc.


By using the website www.almadecreta.com, users have access to information on travel services provided by ALMA DE CRETA. They also have access to travel services provided by third-party suppliers having the possibility of contracting these services through ALMA DE CRETA.

www.almadecreta.com is the intermediary through which ALMA DE CRETA communicates its offers and does direct sales. It also offers connection to social networks and aims to be a tool for exchanging information about news and activities in Crete.

The services will be contracted in accordance with the present conditions of use, the specific general conditions established for each service, the particular conditions that could be established for the specific services by the providers, as well as the current regulations of application.

The User accepts the terms and conditions of purchase that are established by any supplier or organizer with which he chooses to contract, including the payment of any accrued amount and complies with any rules and restrictions regarding the availability of tourist rates, products or services.

The information presented in www.almadecreta.com shows prices, duration of the excursions, minimum and maximum number of people in a group, which services are included and not included in each trip or excursion. Regarding the matters that are not reflected in these general conditions, these will be governed by the Greek legislations: Law 4276/2014, of July 30, which regulates travel agencies and Directive 2011/83 / ΕΕ concerning the consumers rights.

Our system displays all the information of the services that are offered, but not the availability. When a reservation is generated you will immediately receive an automatic notification stating that the status of your reservation will be communicated in the next 24 hours. Within this period one of our operators will send you an e-mail to the registered address confirming or offering any alternative to the reservation, passengers are responsible for correctly providing their e-mail and contact telephone numbers. If, for any reason, passengers do not receive the confirmation e-mail within the established deadline please contact us through our email: info@almadecreta.com


The reservations made through this website will be managed by ALMA DE CRETA, with VAT number 800944260 that operates under the license number of 1042Ε60000259801.

The reservation of any of the trips included in this website implies the total acceptance of these General Conditions that are automatically considered incorporated into the contract, without the need of a written transcription.
Our system displays all the information of the services that are offered, not the availability. When a reservation is generated you will immediately receive an automatic notification stating that the status of your reservation will be communicated within the next 24 hours. In that period of time we will send an e-mail to the registered address confirming, rejecting or providing an alternative to the reservation and giving you detailed instructions of the steps to follow for the reservation and payment. Customers are responsible for correctly providing their e-mail and contact telephone numbers. If for any reason the customers do not receive the confirmation e-mail within the established period, they should contact ALMA DE CRETA.
A deposit of an amount equivalent to 20% of the total price reported will be required to proceed to confirm the reservations. If the payment of the final balance has not been received within the indicated period, ALMA DE CRETA reserves the right to cancel the reservations.
Customers can pay by credit card, bank transfer or cash.
Once the payment has been received, we will send a confirmation email as well as a receipt of the amount paid and the general contracting conditions.


The prices presented on our website are in Euros. The offered prices of the trips, activities and excursions include all the services specified in the program: escort, accommodation, taxes or fees and indirect taxes, as well as other services and supplements that are specifically specified in the program. Extra services that are not specified in the program will not be included.

All prices are subject to changes and variations. In the event of fluctuations in prices, rates, taxes or any other item that affects part or the whole of the price of the contracted services, ALMA DE CRETA must inform you of such variation or fluctuation as soon as possible.

The changes and / or variations in the prices that are due to the reasons indicated in the previous paragraph must be paid by the customers before the beginning of the contracted services.

Prices for groups over 15 people are subject to discount so it is recommended to consult with us.


In case of withdrawal from the travel services contracted through www.almadecreta.com, the customer will be entitled to the return of the amount that he has paid, after deducting the amount of the cancellation fees. The amount of cancellation fees may vary depending on the activity contracted, dates and establishment of accommodation, transport company, etc.
As a general rule, unless the suppliers specify otherwise, the cancellation cost percentages are the following according to the cancellation date, which will cover hotel reservations or other types of accommodation, tour guides, instructors, tourist activities, sports and / or cultural, rental of means of transport, management by ALMA DE CRETA, etc.

Time before the start of the provision of services / Percentage withheld by ALMA DE CRETA on the total price per person:

Excursions and activities:

2 days in advance before departure – retention of deposit
less than 2 days before departure – 100%

Travel packages:

14 to 7 days before departure – retention of deposit
7 to 3 days before departure – 50%
less than 2 days before departure – 100%

The non-show of the customer without prior notice and express authorization of ALMA DE CRETA, will be treated as a cancellation and therefore there will be no refunds before said case.

Modifications. Except express authorization has been given by ALMA DE CRETA, the customer is not allowed to reduce the period of stay or services contracted, or change the name of the person that has made the reservation. Any of these changes without the required authorization, will be treated as cancellation of the reservation. Modifications intended to extend the reservation period will be subject to availability. In this case, the price will be modified proportionally.

The occurrence of force majeure, such as for example, war, revolution, terrorist actions, closing of borders, epidemics, natural catastrophes and other causes that seriously affect the party (s) and / or the place where the service is provided and / or to the country of origin of the client, and other unpredictable causes, or that foreseen to be inevitable, and were beyond the control of the affected party, excuse the breach by the affected party of the obligations contained in these General Conditions.


Due to the fact that reservations are generally made with significant anticipation, the need to make changes or modifications to the contracted services may arise. In this case customers will be notified about any changes in the price, route, itinerary, hotel, transport, etc. If such variation or modification generates any inconvenience caused that would make it impossible to use the contracted services, customers will not be obliged to continue with the reservation and will be entitled to the refund of the amount paid.

ALMA DE CRETA reserves the right to change and / or cancel reservations already confirmed due to issues related to safety, adverse weather conditions or another operational issue. Clients will be notified of such changes as far in advance as possible. If the changes in the reservations already confirmed will generate some inconvenience such that it would make impossible for the use of the contracted services, they will not be obliged to continue with the reservation and will be entitled to the reimbursement of the amount paid.

ALMA DE CRETA, its employees, collaborators and / or associated companies will not be obliged to make any compensation when the modifications or cancellations are made due to acts of God or force majeure (war, terrorism, state of siege, natural or nuclear disasters, epidemics) , quarantines, customs or medical regulations, fires, labor disputes or strikes, etc.). Neither will there be any liability on the part of ALMA DE CRETA and / or its collaborators and / or employees and / or associated companies for problems arising from technical failures, delays or cancellation of flights, or for travel changes due to health or safety reasons. the clients / passengers.


In all cases the prices of the tours and programs are calculated using double accommodation, with private facilities and in hotels of the categories mentioned in the respective programs. Please ask us for specific prices for people traveling alone (single base) or in the case of three or more people traveling together.

The programs do not include pre-registration for room use (‘early check in’) earlier than the usual ‘check in’ time or for use after the ‘check out’ time of the hotels and accommodations (‘late check out’).

The hours of occupation of the rooms depend on the rules established in each country. In general, the room can be occupied after fourteen hours on the day of arrival and must be vacated before eleven o’clock on the day of departure, regardless of the time at which the arrival at the hotel is scheduled or the time at which it is scheduled. the continuation of the trip is foreseen.
The categories that reflect the accommodation establishments have been provided by the establishments themselves and always obeying the specific regulations that apply in each country.

The programs do not include food or drinks, unless expressly mentioned otherwise.

Personal expenses of customers / passengers, such as telephone calls, laundry, gratuities, services requested in the room, optional tours, drinks, etc. are not included and will be under their responsibility and booked under their responsibility.

No type of travel insurance is included in the cost of the services contracted from ALMA DE CRETA. As for any other trip abroad or outside your usual place of residence, it is highly recommended that all customers / passengers purchase travel insurance that provides protection against charges for cancellation of flights or other means of transportation, loss or damage of luggage or other personal effects, accidents or health problems, or any unforeseen event that may arise during your trip. Please, in case of doubts consult our sales agent.

ALMA DE CRETA undertakes to make every effort to fulfill any special requirement (eg special diets, people with special needs, etc.) and inform its suppliers when making their reservation. It is important that you communicate these special requirements to us in detail and as far in advance as possible.


ALMA DE CRETA has the obligation to:

  • Inform through a detailed program about the itinerary of the trip or excursion.
  • Comply with the program as long as the causes outside the company, third parties, weather alterations, problems with hotel intermediaries, political or military circumstances, unforeseen events or other reasons beyond the organization, as well as cases of force majeure allow it. In these cases the company is not responsible, although it will facilitate the management of any matter arising from these events.
  • Respond in front of the customers of the correct fulfillment of the contract in function of the obligations that correspond to them by the Applicable Legislation. ALMA DE CRETA will use the means reasonably available to facilitate its suppliers accept liability and indemnify in this regard and against any claim related to the provision of services.
  • Report on modifications or cancellations. When ALMA DE CRETA is obliged to significantly modify the essential elements of the trip, it must notify the client in writing as quickly as possible so that the client can choose between rescinding his reservation or the contract without penalty, or accepting the consequences. of the modification of the initial trip and its possible repercussion in the price. In the event that the customer does not communicate his decision in writing within three business days following the notification of the modification, it will be understood that he opts for the rescission of the reservation or contract.
  • Inform about the necessary documents for each trip or activity, such as D.N.I., driving license etc.

The client has the obligation to:

  • Make payments within the deadlines set by ALMA DE CRETA.
  • Communicate to the company the cancellation of the trip and comply with the provisions for these cases.
  • Always carry your passport or original identity document, as well as other specific documents, such as European health cards or others …. ALMA DE CRETA will not be responsible, in any case, for the expenses incurred by the client, for lack of documentation or for lack of the necessary requirements.

ALMA DE CRETA will not be responsible for the consequences of any wrongful or negligent act, omissions, or for the failure of one or more of the services managed by its suppliers, such as transportation, hotels, cruises, or any other activity and / or service that is not directly owned by ALMA DE CRETA or that is not directly controlled by ALMA DE CRETA.

ALMA DE CRETA shall not be liable in any way for any loss, injury, death or damage to persons and / or property originated or caused directly or indirectly by accidents related to climatic causes, earthquakes, tidal waves, fires, breakdowns in machinery or equipment, acts of the government or other authorities, wars declared or not, strikes, riots, robberies, epidemics, quarantines, medical or customs regulations, terrorist activities or any other action, omission, or conditions beyond our control.

ALMA DE CRETA nor its associates will be responsible for any additional expense or charge arising from liability and / or negligence of the clients / passengers who contract the services offered, or as a consequence of the causes mentioned above.

ALMA DE CRETA shall not be liable for any loss, injury, death or damage to persons and / or property, or for accidents that may occur when any of the services provided by ALMA DE CRETA and / or its suppliers are used.