Manolito / group escort


My name is Manolis, a very common name in Crete, but because of my love for Spain and my relationship with this country, friends from all over the world and the people of Chaniá know me by my nickname, Manolito.
I belong to a typical Cretan family, we cultivate the land that gives us its best fruit, the precious olive oil of Crete, we enjoy music and the company of friends telling stories accompanied by a good glass of raki.
After a great change in my life, I understood that life must be lived for every minute, and every experience gained, that is why I want to assist travellers who wish to visit Crete, to live new and authentic experiences in our island, sharing unique moments.
My wish is to create the space and the ideal environment so that you, the travellers who will visit us, will have the best impression of Crete.