Aliki Panagakou



Traveling for me is the healthiest way to develop one’s soul. Born in Athens, I was fortunate to grow up in a family that enjoyed traveling. Since I was very young I began to explore the world and to host friends from abroad, so I developed a deep sense of ‘philoxenia’ (a Greek term for ‘hospitality’). I studied Tourism Management and have followed a dedicated career in travel for the past twenty years.

Spirit “Speedy Gonzalez”: I have lived in London, Paris, Sardinia, Barcelona and Buenos Aires, always developing hotel projects. When I came back to my homeland in Greece, I worked in the Greek Islands during the summer seasons, which allowed me to escape in the winters and get to know the rest of the world, especially South America. When my semi-nomadic lifestyle came to an end, I set home in the city of Chania, here in Crete, because I feel it is one of the most beautiful places in the world. For 12 years I successfully managed a chain of boutique hotels in Crete, until one day I decided to re-evaluate my priorities. It is then I decided to focus on what I always truly enjoyed doing: showing people around in this most beautiful of places by designing unique travel experiences. I started collaborating with several travel agencies as a tour guide for Spanish speakers traveling to Crete, which lead naturally to the creation of Alma de Creta; an agency to host and show everyone the beautiful soul of Crete.



Email: aliki@almadecreta.com